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Learn about pendants and jewellery, how to buy cheap online, how to care for jewellery and the different types of pendants

  • The pendant, a word derived from Old French is described as a hanging object. Generally a piece of pendant jewellery is chosen as a decorative object to hang from earrings, neck chains and bracelets. There is also a fashion for a small pendant to be attached to finger rings, toe rings and ankle chains. These are all pendant jewellery.

  • Pendants with a Message Historically, Jewellery pendants have been used to convey a message. Either for romance, as identification, as good luck charms, or as an award i.e. a medal or form of distinction. A talisman, a form of protection against evil or to bring good luck has often been found in the form of a pendant. These pendants are also known as amulets.

  • For the romantics amongst us a chain with a beautiful pendant made from diamonds or other precious gems is the ultimate gift. The diamond seems to be the pendant of choice here, followed by amethyst and gold in the form of lockets. In Victorian times, lockets were given containing small locks of hair, which acted as a constant reminder to the wearer that part of their loved one was with them.

  • Pendants are worn as identification in some cultures, even within the Western World. Hip hop stars and their followers wear jewelry that is significant and distinctive to them. Large and recognisable designs are very popular in this culture and you can find examples of this in most jewellers and on-line. Rock stars and followers of the Gothic trend also have their own style. Their jewellery is part of their overall look and it is extremely distinctive.

  • Peace sign pendants, names on chains, pendants depicting their favourite bands, these are the styles that are distinctive to their culture. 

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