Jewellery and Pendants, history and styles

Thousands of years ago pendants were worn to identify the members of tribes. Their jewellery was probably carved from the branch of a tree, or an unusual shaped stone or piece of rock, bone or stone would have had a hole made in the centre and then threaded on a piece of chewed bark or twine. Even animal teeth were used. A person would not have been allowed to enter the tribe's camp if he was not wearing the correct identification.

Two thousand years ago, the Christians wore pendants or charms called ichthys, which were in the form of a fish. They would wear them either as as pendant or as a charm and chose this significant design to represent the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Identification was necessary because those who followed the Christian faith were much maligned and often put to death. These unfortunate Christians were often used as entertainment when they were placed in an arena with lions by the Romans, who would expect the Christians to fight for their survival. The poor unfortunate followers of the Christian faith never survived this cruel sport.

During and after wars, medals are often bestowed upon those who have fought for their country. There are many examples of medals such as the George Cross. The medal may contain an inscription or depict a scene or image. Crafted in a pendant style they are suspended from ribbons or pinned to the chest on a bar shaped brooch. Achievement medals are usually awarded as military honours by the Armed Forces of a country.

Pendants to bring good luck have been very common throughout the Centuries. Right from Stone Age times, men had the need to put their faith in small objects; maybe a stone they had found with an unusual shape that they would string on a piece of twine or animal skin. The Egyptians always wore good luck pendants to establish their place in society. The more elaborate the pendant the higher their status in society. They would also wear them to make sure that in the advent of their death, the 'Gods' would know that they should be as respected in death as they were in life.

Today, pendant jewellery is as popular as ever. Our most revered jewellery designers such as Cartier, Links of London and many more, still design pendants to tempt us. Celebrity watchers know exactly the right ones to buy and pendants will always have a place in the world of jewellery.

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